воскресенье, 11 декабря 2016 г.

I remember with horror vacuum cleaners with dust bag !!!! After vacuuming, it is necessary to beat the bag with dust. With this vacuum - not dusty, even after the most difficult cleaning.

Modern and very inexpensive. Without dust bag !!! (A huge advantage). The dust is washed off well from the container. The vacuum cleaner is very light and maneuverable, absolutely not noisy. Power grabs.

A huge advantage is the simple construction. Your mother or grandmother, who normally fear the technology will cope easily with this vacuum cleaner (assembled and disassembled easily). 1 button to turn on or off.

Another advantage -teleskopicheskaya handle (if necessary you can make a short handle and vacuum the sofa or other furniture, as well as computer and other things) and store.

Brush has 2 modes -floor and carpet. Brush carpet collects wool from my little dog and cat without problems. One I have fluffy, and the other shaggy.

This model is absolutely not inferior to similar models of vacuum cleaners, which are 1.5 times more expensive.

Very soon there will come Women's Day March 8 -very recommend to give this to their mothers and grandmothers, and daughters, and the girls !!! It is recommend you.
One day, my pet vacuum cleaner Mystery, I wrote about it here http://irecommend.ru/content/s-nim-uborka-doma-perestala-byt-katorgoi, once again (it was already my second Mystery ) in cord area and there was an excess vacuum during operation began to shut down. For a while I tried to deal with this problem, but in the end psihanula and decided it was time to buy a new vacuum cleaner. I decided not to buy a Mystery, and buy something more powerful, because at the time of failure, we already have 2 dogs and Mystery would not have coped with so much wool.

Vacuum cleaner the following requirements have been presented:

- Small size and weight

- Adequate price

- More or less decent manufacturer

Long chose, read reviews, looked narrowly, the probe. In the end, I opted for the Samsung SC 4326.

At the time of writing reviews lifespan +/- 8 months.


- price-quality ratio

- Small dimensions and weight

- The absence of dust bags (in my case it is a colossal saving)

- Transparent container

- powerful

- Long cord

- Cord avtosmotka

- Vacuum cleaner can be stored both vertically and horizontally

- Lovely design


- The hose tends to sometimes be twisted if previous vacuum cleaners that almost never occurred, then this vacuum is not uncommon

- Small items (such as candy wrappers from sweets) vacuuming is not necessary as it clogged in container design and all the dirt will fall not into the container, and fly anywhere

The same thing happens if the design wind the long hair in the photo you can see how tangled around long hair and wool became exposed not only the container but also the past.

- The need for frequent cleaning of the container and wash the filter

The manual is written after each cleaning you need to clean, wash and dry the container and filter. Agree it is not very convenient.

Personally, I emptied container through time and erase, and my container and filter more often.

The result: a vacuum cleaner, I basically satisfied, the only thing I do not like is the fact that foreign objects clog the container construction and dirt hits the container and where

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